Monday, June 4, 2012

Circumcision and death of neonates

I keep seeing references to a number of 100 dead babies in the U.S. every year as consequence of circumcision. I wanted to figure out what the actual rate is so it can be used to assess the risk, and where those numbers come from.

Here you can find a discussion of different sources and numbers:

But a most updated report ( sets the number at approximately 117 deaths per year.

The circumcision rate of neonates is said to be decreasing, and currently around 33%. From numbers listed here: 2,834,849 neonates were circumcised in 2009.

From these 2 numbers we can estimate a rate of 1 death in approximately 24,230 circumcisions. Not one in millions, not one in a hundred thousand. This is an important number to know.

Also, 117 dead babies after circumcision also means 1 death every 3 days. How are these numbers lost in the media?

Recommended reading:


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Victims of circumcision: David Reimer:

Joshua Haskins:

Celian Monthe Noumbiwe

An anonymous one-week baby:

Ryleigh McWillis

BTW, I don't post these names here to torment their parents. I respect their loss. I post this names as study cases for people coming afterwards, in the hope that errors from the past won't be repeated. Not mentioning the dead is censuring their deaths, forsaking them. We need to remember them, we need to make sure that what happened to them won't happen again. It is their legacy.

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