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Circumcision: Your erogenous organ is the brain

I've noticed a big difference in reaction between a lot of men who were circumcised as babies, and people who were circumcised later in life.

Those who are pro-circ often say: "I am circumcised and I enjoy sex, I couldn't handle more pleasure"

Yes, you do enjoy sex. Circumcision does not take away the desire or enjoyment of sex. But it reduces sensation to something between 25 to 50% of what you could feel. Keep reading...

Some people say: "Who cares about the penis. The brain is your most erogenous organ". This is true to a certain extent, but not really. Your brain may be the origin of desire, but your enjoyment is as good as your sensors are.

The brain is not the sensor, the brain interprets the signals of the sensors.

To understand this, I usually compare it to a child who loses one eye during birth. He grows and he can see with his remaining eye. He learns to read. He enjoys TV and movies. He likes art.

If he hears a noise or voice from the side where he's missing the eye, he turns his head.

One day he hears about these new 3D movies and he goes to watch one. He buys his ticket, gets his glasses, puts his glasses on. The movie starts. Everyone makes happy sounds with every effect coming out of the screen, everyone but our boy.

He's watching the movie, enjoying the story. But he can't see the 3D effects. He is missing the required sensors: 2 EYES.

The loss of sensibility to circumcision is similar. You don't loose desire. You can feel pleasure. Just not the same pleasure.

There are people who mock those who are unhappy about being circumcised: "It's just a dick, who cares, get over it". This is just wrong. They are victims. They didn't want to be mutilated, but a part of their bodies was cut against their will, so they are mutilated. They look in the mirror and they see the scar, they see that they are missing a body part. Criticizing them would be similar to criticizing victim of a rape for feeling angry about being raped.

How do we know that there is loss of sensibility?

We have the testimonials of men who were circumcised as adults. And we have testimonials from men who are restoring the foreskin. Wait...

Why do i say that sensitivity is reduced to 25 to 50%?

An intact penis has 2 sensitive organs: the glans and the foreskin. Cutting the foreskin leaves just one organ, so I'm calling this a 50% loss.

However, the glans is also affected in the long term. The constant friction with clothes and the lack of emollients causes the glans to become harder and dried, like a callus. The word would be keratinized. This means that the sensors or nerves are hidden under hardened cells. This is what I call the other 25% loss.

I remember in a video a man circumcised as adult said the doctor never warned him about the loss of sensibility. He said it was like walking outdoors in a beautiful sunny day and not being able to feel the heat in the skin.

Men who are restoring will not be able to restore the nervous terminations of the foreskin, but their glans becomes softer, moist and shinier from being covered all the time. The effect is an immediate increase in sensitivity, some times as soon as 2 or 3 months into the restoration process.

So yes, your brain is your erogenous organ. But it needs sensors to work. And if you are a victim, you have every right to feel angry. This was done against your will.

I remember begging the doctor not to cut me. I didn't have a chance. I was a child. I liked my body the way it was. And yet I was chased and restrained when I tried to run. The strange thing is I don't remember the procedure. I remember the conversation prior to, but I've blanked out on the procedure. The pain and the fear must have been traumatic.

Sometimes I have had a circumcision dream. I dream about a doctor coming to my high school with a circumcision device -that looks like a small guillotine. Kids gather around the table and he starts circumcising them. I don't know if I'm supposed to go or not as I'm already circumcised. I approach the table to ask and I'm cut again. My penis now has something like 2 heads, one over the other one.

I'm pretty sure this dream was a symptom of the trauma.

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