Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Intactivists, you spend too much time thinking of other people's genitalia

Intactivists, do you spend too much time thinking of other people's genitalia?

While I can't answer for all of them, I can speak for myself: I actually spent too much time thinking about my own genitalia. About how it should have been left alone. About how as an infant I begged the doctor not to cut me. About how I wished my foreskin would grow again. About how when I looked at myself in the mirror, I knew I was missing a part of my body that was taken from me against my will.

Some of the most vocal intactivists I have met are women. Some of them are mothers who found the practice of routine circumcision barbaric and decided to protect their babies from it. Some are single women. Some wish that the parents of their partners had left their partner's genitalia intact. Some are men who are angry that they were cut. Some just see the practice for what it is.

Most of us are moved by the desire to keep this from happening to others. Maybe it is late for us, nobody was there to save us, but maybe we can protect others. We hope to make things better for those that come after us, as we wish someone had made things better for us.

We are not obsessed about modifying the body of infants. We are moved by compassion. We are proposing the opposite, the real simple action: leave babies' genitalia alone. Obsession is the opposite: obsession is that sick compulsion to modify healthy bodies in spite of the rights of the person living in that body.

If circumcision is so important for them when they grow up, if they really wish to be circumcised, they can do it when they have the age to understand it and to consent. But in the meantime, why don't we just let them grow into their body as nature intended it to be?

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