Thursday, July 19, 2012

Circumcision: denial of the damage

DENIAL is at the base of the perpetuating cycle of circumcision.

What we don't know, we are either curious about or afraid of. The United States people are mostly afraid of foreskins.

Let's put things in perspective:

We were cut.
With a scalpel.
When we were babies.
With the consent of our parents most of the time.
It hurt.
We lost a body part.
We have a scar where that body part would be.
We have no idea what it would be like to have that body part - not anymore than a person with just one eye can know what a 3D movie looks like.
Our parents let that happen to us.

They didn't do it because they were mean.
They did it because they thought it was the right thing to do.
They were misled by doctors, and society in general.

American Society has been conditioned to believe that circumcision is what you do when you have a baby boy.
It wasn't always like this.
It isn't like this everywhere.
Most men in the world have foreskins.
Most men in the world would never give up their foreskins.
Most men in the world believe that a foreskin is a great thing to have.

When we know better, we do better.
If we cut our babies we are perpetuating the cycle.
Our babies will be cut, with our consent.
It will hurt. They will lose a body part and they will carry a scar.
They will not know what that body part feels like.
But they will know that we let this happen to them.

Break the cycle.

Give your child a chance that you didn't have.
Do not circumcise your baby.

A circumcised penis is not more healthy or sanitary.
A circumcised penis lost part of its function every time.
No professional medical association recommends circumcision of neonates.

Circumcision has risks such as death, damage or loss of the penis, or pain during sex for the whole life.
You don't need to risk your child's life and well being.

You don't need to take special care of an intact penis.
Wash it as if it was a finger. Wash what you can see, nothing more.
That's all  the special care.

Don't deny your child what you didn't have.
Don't deny your child a whole body.
Your son will thank you.

Denial perpetuates the cycle.
Awareness breaks the cycle.
You can break the cycle.
Break the cycle.

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