Friday, July 27, 2012

Circumcision: my son will thank me - think again!

From Questions posted in Yahoo Answers recently:

  • I am 13 years old and I want to restore my foreskin.can I restore at 13
  •  How would you reverse a circumcision? I need to. For reasons. (age unknown)
  • 16: There is a thin Line that goes around the shaft of my penis about half way down the shaft.... Does this indicate where they circumcised it?
  • So I'm 14. I just found out yesterday that circumcision leaves a darker scar ring around the penis. Which I have. I've always thought I was uncut [...] But I researched this and discovered that you lose sensitivity for sex. I also found out you can't do the restoration thing until your 18.
  • I'm interested in restoring my foreskin since I was circumcised when I was a child.[...] I won't buy any tools because I'm still immature but I'm capable of creating tools by myself 
  • Is it a good idea for someone who is 17 years old like me to start at this age?
  • Ok so im 13 and i was circumcised at birth and i want my foreskin back.
  • Am I at a good start with foreskin restoration? I am a teenager whose inner skin is in between a CI 3 and a CI 4
  • Foreskin restoration, please help? I'm really interested in restoring it to how it was meant to be. [...] Also, I haven't fully developed yet so should I wait a couple years 
  • So I was circumcised as baby..never thought of it much. I am now 21, and for a while now I came in contact with anti-circ activist types. I was shocked to find out how much damage circumcision does. Suddenly I began feeling awful about my body.
  • How can i do a non-surgical foreskin restoration without buying any products? I'm 15 years old and I am Curcumsized. I would like to do this
  • (I also saw one question if one could sue his parents for circumcising him as baby, and another 13 year old interested in restoration who already did his research and is sad to find out what has been robbed from him - but apparently they deleted their questions later)
Also, this status was posted to Facebook:

I was 16 when I first learned about circumcision.

I was in a child development class and as soon as I had a semi-clear understanding of what circumcision was, I immediately became disgusted at the fact that there were people who would do such things to children. Of course, it only took a couple seconds for it to hit me -- the realization that this was done
to me. I didn’t want to believe it. I couldn’t imagine that my parents would ever do something so obviously cruel to me, and right after I entered this world, but there was no denying it.

After that painfully obvious realization my disgust was dwarfed by the most intense anger I have ever felt. I felt violated. As though I had just learned that I was sexually assaulted as a baby. Which literally is what it is, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never seen circumcision as anything different. I still don’t understand how anyone can.

As I felt all these feelings, I looked around the classroom. Too my horror no one else seemed to be bothered by this new information and the teacher was casually explaining the topic as though it were any other lesson. It was like something I would see in
The Twilight Zone. I have never been so disappointed in people. How could everyone be so blind, I thought? [Read more] James Stewart - Realization of Circumcision


  1. Oh this breaks my heart. Has the intactivist community been welcoming enough in gently leading boys to the healing process that is required with understanding circumcision?

  2. There is no technical reason why you can't start restoring at an early age. Organisations and won't help or advise because of the legal implications of doing so for children.

  3. "Legal Implications" Doesn't it seem strange that there can be such a fear over corrupting a minor or endangering the welfare to teach them about restoration, but it's okay to butcher their sexuality without consent?

    Lets think who should actually be facing charges here?

  4. The good thing is that there are plenty of people with experience who will answer questions on places like the foreskin restoration forum ( and anyone can do it with little or no money.

    Circumcision of minors should definitively be outlawed.

  5. I had no idea that American men could be upset about their infant circumcisions, until I read dozens of testimonials to that effect in Rosemary Romberg's 1985 book (long out of print).

    I grew up surrounded by boys and young men who spoke very freely about anatomy and sexual acts, in bawdy and immature ways. But circumcision never came up until college, and even there it was rarely mentioned. At any rate I never heard a fellow baby boomer complain of being circumcised.

    The internet has done a great deal to make American men more aware of what Nature Intended. For starters, the Wikipedia entry Human Penis includes more than one color image of an intact penis. There are American men who find the natural penis weird and disgusting. But there are also men who, upon sighting foreskin for the first time, begin to mourn what they have lost. I cannot say anything more, because I am a lucky SOB: I have all the moving parts Mother Nature handed me at birth.

  6. Thank you Mom and Dad... for drying my glans and giving me a close encounter with the grave when I wasn't even six pounds.

  7. In retrospective Travis, many parents didn't have access to the information that we have today. The internet has helped a lot to make this information public. 20 years ago and more, all they could do was trust what the doctor told them.

    I had a conversation with my mom about my intactivist, I never spoke of my own circumcision, but at the end she started crying and asked me if I thought she was the worst and if I hated her. My circumcision was 35 years ago, and I know she was very naive in all that has to do with sex; she is also very scared of blood, pain, surgeries, etc, so it's nothing she would have done carelessly. She had reasons to trust the doctor (he was our relative), and that's what he recommended.

    I hugged her, told her that I knew she did the best with the information and resources that she had access to, and I told her i'm thankful for everything that she has done for me in my life. I told her I'm doing my activism because I don't agree with this happening to babies on a daily basis.