Friday, July 13, 2012

Should my son be circumcised

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Circumcision is an unneeded medical procedure that exposes the child to non-trivial risks, such as death from bleeding, death from infection, sepsis, damage or loss of the penis, pain during erections as an adult or abnormal erections.

Circumcision also removes the most sensitive area of the penis and promotes keratinization of the glans by exposing it to permanent contact with clothes and air and removing the natural protection and emollients. There is anecdotal evidence that this reduces sensitivity of the glans in the long term - this fact was acknowledge both by Jews philosophers (Philo) in the 1st Century as by the doctors who promoted circumcision in the Early XX Century (such as J.Harvey Kellogg), but since the 60’s is routinely denied by doctors.

Circumcision also removes your baby’s chance of self-determination. Many adult men feel that they were robbed of an integral part of their body and hold resentment against parents and doctors for what they perceive as a violation of their rights.

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