Thursday, July 19, 2012

Why a law permitting religious circumcision of male infants in Germany would be against the basic law

Article 1
[Human dignity – Human rights – Legally binding force of basic rights]
(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.
(2) The German people therefore acknowledge inviolable and inalienable human rights as the basis of every community, of peace and of justice in the world.
(3) The following basic rights shall bind the legislature, the executive and the judiciary as directly applicable law.
Article 2
[Personal freedoms]
(1) Every person shall have the right to free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others or offend against the constitutional order or the moral law.
(2) Every person shall have the right to life and physical integrity. Freedom of the person shall be inviolable. These rights may be interfered with only pursuant to a law.
Article 3
[Equality before the law]
(1) All persons shall be equal before the law.
(2) Men and women shall have equal rights. The state shall promote the actual implementation of equal rights for women and men and take steps to eliminate disadvantages that now exist.
(3) No person shall be favoured or disfavoured because of sex, parentage, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, or religious or political opinions. No person shall be disfavoured because of disability.
Article 4
[Freedom of faith and conscience]
(1) Freedom of faith and of conscience, and freedom to profess a religious or philosophical creed, shall be inviolable.
(2) The undisturbed practice of religion shall be guaranteed.

My opinion:
Physical integrity IS violated by circumcision of minors (article 2 #2) - which also puts male minors in disadvantage compared to females (article 3 numeral 2), and specifically male babies of Jew or Muslim ascendance at disadvantage compared to everybody else (article 3 numeral 3). Being a baby becomes a disability as the baby is not capable of defending himself against the act inflicted upon his humanity.

The baby's freedom of faith is violated by "branding" him with a scar and a mark and a damage to his body that will persist even if the baby as an adult decides to leave the religion that he grew up on.

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