Monday, August 13, 2012

Circumcision: man don't complain, do they?

According to Charlotte Allen in "Circumcision, it was good enough for Jesus": "The intactivist website is a pity party of circumcision-based victimology. [...] C'mon, guys, man up!"

Tony from ChooseIntact posted an excellent response: "Flawed circumcision defense: Charlotte Allen": "Allen – and at least one editor at the Los Angeles Times – should be embarrassed."

These are interesting links:

The tip of the iceberg: famous men who resent/ed being circumcised

Circumcised and hate it: a man's perspective on circumcision

Real men, real stories


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  1. Let me describe the reality that has given rise to Charlotte Allen's mindset. She, like all of us, is a product of a culture and of unthinking assumptions.

    American life is "run by" college graduates between the ages of 40 and 60. These people dominate politics and the media. Almost all native born middle class American men of those ages are circumcised or are married to circumcised husbands. Few of these men regret being circumcised. Most of these people seem unaware of the fact that only about 55% of baby boys born in recent years underwent RIC.

    Allen seems completely unaware of the fact that about 80% of California baby boys emerge from the maternity ward intact. I conclude that she is not a grandmother, and has no contact with parenting circles.

    Another thing. Intactivism is mostly a grass roots movement. It is evident to me that many women who make intact friendly comments here and there on the internet are not college educated. Your typical journalist is unlikely to meet and converse with your typical intactivist. Journalists, like most educated people, tend to believe that "if a doctor does it, it must be OK." Intactivist believe that RIC is cruel and sexually disgusting, for common sense reasons, and have cast off the idea that doctors are paragons of the scientific method.