Thursday, August 9, 2012

Circumcision, the US Congress hard at work

The US Congress hard at work?? Just 2 days ago, a group of US Congress members thought it was pertinent to spend their time drafting a letter and sent it to Peter Ammon, the Ambassador at the German Embassy here in Washington, DC.

We URGE you to IMMEDIATELY contact these members of Congress and tell them that you fully support Cologne's decision and demand that these Congress members put the righ...
ts of the CHILD first!!

Here is their letter in text (we included contact information for you by each signature):

Dear Ambassador Ammon,

We are writing to express our deep concerns over the June 26, 2012 decision by the District Court of Cologne that rejected circumcision practices on minor males by the consent of their parents. The Cologne decision is an affront to religious freedom and would undermine public health.
Outlawing circumcision by parental consent creates a serious conflict for the Jewish and Muslim communities of the Cologne Government District, who practice circumcision as a fundamental rite of passage and affirmation of faith. The decision also defies proven scientific evidence that male circumcision can offer lifelong health benefits.
We applaud the strong opposition voiced by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle, who have expressed their disapproval and dismay at the court’s ruling. We also welcome the initiative by the German Bundestag to pass legislation to safeguard religious freedom, parental rights and the rights of doctors who perform the procedure.
We urge the German government to act swiftly to achieve a lasting resolution to the misinformation and uncertainty that has stemmed from the controversy and we look forward to working with you in this regard.


Henry A. Waxman - CA
(202) 225-3976

Nita M. Lowey - NY
(202) 225-6506

Howard L. Berman – CA
(202) 225-4695

Eliot L. Engel – NY

Jerrold Nadler – NY
(202) 225-5635

Gary L. Ackerman – NY
(202) 225-2601

Steve Cohen – TN

James P. McGovern – MA

Theodore E. Deutch – FL

Brad Sherman – CA

Allyson Y. Schwartz – PA

Frank R. Wolf – VA

Gus M. Bilirakis – FL

Carolyn M. Maloney – NY

Shelley Berkley – NV

Keith Ellison – MN

Trent Franks – AZ

Janice D. Schakowsky - IL

Steve Israel – NY
(202) 225-3335

John W. Olver – MA
(202) 225-5335
My response (which didn't reach the appropriate people in Florida as I'm on a different district):
Respected Congressman,

Your signature on that letter does not speak for me as a citizen and for the thousands of American citizens who currently oppose the routine practice of Male Genital Cutting.

Genital cutting of minors of any gender is a violation of human rights which removes the children's ability to choose over their own bodies, as if their bodies were the property of their parents or their religious leaders. Furthermore, circumcision of minors expose babies and children to non-trivial risks such as death from exsanguination, life threatening infections, surgical mishaps which result in damaged genitalia (for visual examples, google "botched circumcision") and a lower quality of live.

Our country has made circumcision the norm as a result of the deviant Victorian morality of the late XIX century, but genital cutting of minors does not have a place in the XXI century.

I hope you are aware that FEMALE CUTTING was practiced in our country, on white Christian girls, just 60 years ago. Female Genital Cutting was only outlawed 16 years ago, which shows that cultural perception changes quickly. Today, we our citizens are progressively awakening to the fact that MALE CUTTING is also cruel, irresponsible and a violation of human rights with many, many collateral damages. You might have turned "okay" from circumcision, but many man have not.

I request that you study the reality of circumcision of minors and support genital integrity. It's their body, it's their choice. Not their parent's choice. Not their religious leaders choice. Only their choice.

As you know, there was already a citizen initiative in San Francisco to ban the practice of male genital cutting. This goes to show you that we, the citizens, are against this barbaric practice. This initiative was undermined by political tricks and a further Bill was created to shut citizens from the ability to decide, effectively removing them from the democratic process.

We live in the country of freedom. Respect the freedom of children to decide what their bodies should look like and how their bodies function.


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  1. Most of the signatories were Jewish congresspeople playing to their Jewish constituents. In other words, the intended readership of that letter was not anybody in German public life.

    That infant penises have become just another political football is as disgusting as it is true. This letter is evidence in support of my contention that Jews are extremely valuable members of the intactivist cause.

    "The decision also defies proven scientific evidence that male circumcision can offer lifelong health benefits."

    Sadly, this judgement call is supported by a dozen-odd peer-reviewed studies published this century. Those studies have failed to convince a single medical association outside the USA (although we may discover in 15 days that they have convinced the AAP!). Peer review is no guarantee whatsoever of "scientific truth." And the raw fact is that STIs are much more common in the circumcised USA than in intact Japan or Europe, especially continental Europe. Longitudinal data collected in Australia and New Zealand show that STI risk is uncorrelated with circ status.