Tuesday, August 14, 2012


So, Germany passed a resolution (7/20) and is pending on a new law to be presented in Autumn. Austrian Justice Ministry okays the procedure (7/31). Swiss hospital lifted the ban (8/12).

Things looked promising for a minute, but they they reverted.

The good thing is people are asking, people are hearing. Things will still change, but it still takes time.

And then we hear things in the news like these two, one in Iraq:

"Two three-year-old twin brothers have had their genitals amputated after a circumcision operation went horribly wrong in Khanaqin."

"Khanaqin hospital media official Arian Qader said:  Unfortunately an unwanted incident occurred while circumcising the two boys. After the operation went wrong, their penises were amputated. Now they urinate using plastic tubeshttp://www.iraqupdates.com/free-news/health/twin-boys-genitals-amputated-after-circumcision-op-goes-wrong/2012-08-14   August 14th 2012 And one in Arabia, August 1st: The father of a child who slipped into coma following a circumcision procedure during which he was administered general anesthesia, has demanded that those responsible for his son’s condition be punished.

The child’s father, Ali Al-Zahrani, lodged a complaint against Al-Mandaq General Hospital in Al-Baha with Prince Mishari Bin Saud, Emir of Al-Baha Region, who ordered that investigation be initiated into the case.

“I have twins, Muhammad and Mazin, and both had an appointment on the 6th day of Ramadan to have a circumcision operation at the hospital. Nothing was supposed to go wrong. It was a simple operation which millions of Muslim babies undergo,” the father told Al-Madinah newspaper.

Or in South Africa, July 2012:

HUMAN rights activists in South Africa have demanded an end to the silence over dangerous cultural traditions after 42 boys died from botched circumcisions over three weeks.

Annually thousands of teenage boys from the Xhosa tribe embark on a secretive rite of passage in Eastern Cape province, spending up to a month in seclusion where they study, undergo circumcision by a traditional surgeon and apply white clay to their bodies.

While many initiation schools are officially sanctioned, others are unregulated and bogus surgeons are blamed every year for numerous deaths and injuries, including gangrene caused by unsterilised blades.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/botched-initiations-kill-42-boys-in-south-africa-20120728-232t4.html#ixzz23ZXQGv7Q

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