Thursday, August 16, 2012

How would you reverse a circumcision?

While there is no 100% reversal (meaning, the nerve terminations and the rigged band will never be replaced, and if the frenulum was cut it won't be replaced either) there is a non-surgical process to grow up skin to basically create a new foreskin. The process is really simple, but it takes at least 2 years, maybe more. However it's definitively worth it (I'm at 5 months into the process).

It consists basically in keeping the existing skin under gentle but constant tension for extended periods of time, similar to somebody who is stretching the earlobe. The skin reacts to the stress by producing new cells (mitosis). Normally, during the first 3 months or so you see a very fast result (because there is skin that is already there but all wrinkled and stuck), but later on you would expect a growth rate of about 1 or 2 linear mm of skin per month.

Some people use "manual tugging" - two 15 minutes sessions of manual stretching daily. Some use do-it-yourself devices, some as simple as medical tape (for cross taping), or medical tape in conjunction with a canister (such as the ones where 35mm film for cameras come) and some elastics to produce tension. Some use multiple silicon o-rings.

There are also commercial products that range from about 85 dollars to 300 dollars.

Personally, I'm using the multiple o-ring system and it's worked great so far. I have spent about 15 dollars total. I put the o-rings in the morning, take them off and put them back on when I go to the bathroom, and I take them off again at night or any time that I'm tired of doing it.

It's not painful. It has to be gentle. If you stretch so much that it hurts you would actually do more harm than good. It's about keeping doing it, rather than trying to do too much at the time.

Check the links below, they will help you get started. The last one is a forum where you will find all kind of information and people who are actively doing it and will answer any questions that you have.


Real case follow up
  1. Starting point
Initial point - some wrinkled slack skin (not a tight circumcision but not a loose one either). Some small skin tags near the bottom.
Frontal view. Notice dry and cracked appearance of the glans.
 2. Starting
First week of restoration using O-rings
7 Weeks of restoration
7 weeks of restoration using O rings
2 Months

2 months into restoration.- skin becoming loose and falling spontaneously over the glans
Frontal view at 2 months
 4 Months

4 months of restoration. Notice the use of a piece of milk bottle nipple as a "stopper" to help keep the stack of o-rings in place.

At 4 months, while retracted, the wrinkles show that there is a lot more slack skin than before.
Frontal view. Notice in these the shinier, softer surface of the glans compared to the starting photo.

Spontaneous coverage at 4 months

Spontaneous coverage at 4 months
The process is still going. Each person restoring can define how far they want to go into the process. In this particular case, in 4 months he has gone from a coverage index of approximately CI2.5 to probably CI4 according to the Foreskin Coverage Index. His goal is to reach CI7, which he estimates will still take close to 2 years.

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