Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My circumcision: my choice was disrespected by my doctor because I was a minor

I'm circumcised. In the debate of whether it's better to be cut or uncut, consider what it's like for colorblind men. Can they enjoy movies? Can they enjoy art? Yes, but they don't know what they are missing. Or think of a person without one eye: does this person enjoy movies? Yes, but if this person goes to a 3D movie, he/she won't see anything different about it, because to see 3D you need 2 eyes.

The reason why I became an intactivist is because I was circumcised at around 5 years of age. I begged the doctor not to cut me, and yet he did. I begged for a piece of my body, and it was cut against my will. I always hated it, even though I didn't study what that was until this year, when I became 40. I feel that it was my body, it should have been my choice, but my choice was disrespected by my doctor because I was a minor. I was restrained, sedated and cut in spite of my fear.

And now I know what circumcision does I feel that children shouldn't be forced into being cut and shouldn't be exposed to those risks when there is no real medical need for it.

I don't do it to make circumcised men feel bad. I was circumcised as well. I do it, because I believe that it's better for the new generation to have their whole body.

Ask anyone from England, from South America, from Finland, they don't circumcise all babies. And if what that website says is true, there would be a pandemic of penile cancer, STDs, UTIs and HIV in those places. But there isn't.

BTW, it also helps to know that hospitals sell the foreskins. Google "Human Foreskin Fibroblast Whole Cell Lysate". You can buy some online. It's all about money.

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