Friday, September 21, 2012

A bioethicist speaks about his personal reaction to circumcision

Dan O’Connor, PhD, bioethicist at Johns Hopkins wrote "A Piece I Didn’t Really Want to Write On Circumcision" with some good points about how, when a foreigner (like him or like me) comes to the U.S. and find the prevalence and normalization of male circumcision. He says his article is about: "the look I get on my face when you tell me you’ve circumcised your child, and the look you get on your face when you realize I think it’s wrong".

He makes a point of not being judgmental and concludes that "the thing with circumcision is that, like your best friend’s family’s weirdo ways with food, it doesn’t actually indicate anything deeper".

I posted a comment asking why does he think that the medical community has ignored the men who feel that they were physically and psychologically damaged by their circumcision. Five days later my comment has not been approved.

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