Tuesday, September 25, 2012

AAP Brochure for parents and an excellent response

AAP Brochure


In summary, the brochure makes it seem like having a foreskin is a birth condition that needs to be surgically fixed.

It minimizes the risks (never mentioning the possibility of death or damage to the genitalia)

It dismisses every reason to not circumcise as a fear or a belief.

It makes it seem like every "uncircumcised" (intact) male will have phimosis.

It justifies social reasons (baby has to look like daddy, he will be teased in the locker room).

It refers to the foreskin as skin that covers the "end" of the penis. The foreskin is not an addition. The foreskin IS the end of the penis. They also seem to have a hard time referring to the glans as glans. They just say the "tip", the "end of the penis". One would think these guys were doctors and would call things by their names.

Anyway... go read both links and make your own opinion.

Also... learn a little bit about the doctors responsible for this brochure. http://circleaks.org/index.php?title=AAP_Circumcision_Task_Force_2012

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