Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Men Speak Out


The Intactivist movement suffers from the public not seeing just how many men really are opposed to the practice. We’ve started the “Men Speak Out” photo project as a way to change that by showing that a lot of men DO complain. We hope you’ll take a moment to snap a close-up photo of yourself, holding your baby picture next to your face. This will visually unite the infant with the man he will become; something that doctors need to learn.

Will you share a picture of yourself with us? It’s easy – just
upload your high-resolution photo and send it to info@intactamerica.org. Large files are sometimes difficult to send by email, so you might want to use YouSendIt.com. It is easy to use, just enter your email address, our email address info@intactamerica.org, and attach the photo. Also, please post the photo you’ve taken here on this event page. (For additional photo tips, refer to instructions below.) 
Photo Tips:
• Use the best digital camera you have. Set it at its highest resolution. The width needs to be 2000 pixels or more.
• Use a plain background.
• Place the baby picture touching your cheekbone.
• Zoom until all of your head and your baby picture are framed, with as little background showing as possible.
• Use even, bright lighting such as inside near a large indow, our outside in broken shade or on an overcast day so that the light falls onto your face.
• Take many photographs and choose the best one.
• Please, no text or words on your photo.
• Please, no PhotoShop collages. Hold the baby picture next to your cheekbone.
• This is one time you DON’T SMILE! (unless you are intact!)

This event was created by Intact America:

Men Speak Out
What was taken from the child, the child within will always grief for.

Circumcision is just a surgery, that's all, and on its own it's not good or bad. It's how we use it that is bad. If circumcision was just done when therapeutically necessary, we wouldn't be here making all this noise. But because someone made it into a religious ritual and then someone made it into a social custom and then another person tried to justify it as prophylaxis or prevention or inherited aesthetic forced upon those who did not request it and could not remove themselves from the situation, that's why we are here, and that's why we are not leaving and shutting up. Because it's not fair for those who are coming after us, to go through what we went. To grow up and then one day find out in the most strange way that a part of their body was discarded with the permission (or not) from their parents, as if it was some sort of biological waste. It's not fair for them.

It's great for those who like their private parts the way they are altered. There are equally real human beings that don't like what was done to them, to us. Babies can't give informed consent, and parents have no way of knowing how things are going to go, which is why we have to be conservative in the treatment of our children and respect their bodies and their souls. Conservative: to conserve, to keep, to maintain. Not to excise and discard. We are given the privilege of caring for them, not the right to shape them as we see fit.

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