Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mini-Documentary about human rights and infant circumcision

Please note: at around 5 minutes, there is footage of an actual circumcision taking place overlaid with the speech. The cries of the baby caught me off guard. Just be aware of it. It's heartbreaking.
A mini-documentary based on the testimony of Anthony Losquadro during the MGM Bill Hearings. The hearings were held in Boston Mass, USA, on March 2, 2010.

Every action has a reaction. This trampling of human rights in abuses has given rise to the intactivists. Someone who supports genital integrity and self determination. I am proud to stand here as one along with my fellow colleges. Do we have some personality disorder? No we just want to protect the human rights of infants. And we wanted our bodies left alone, as nature and creation intended. But the medical community wouldn't leave us alone. They callously modified our bodies without our consent. We didn't ask for this. It is through no fault of our own. And we won't be embarrassed or ashamed to speak about what was done to us.

The intention of the intactivists is not to outlaw circumcision but we believe that each person has the infallible right to choose for himself, as a consenting adult of 18 years or older of self determination over the status of his sexual organs.

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