Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shame on Dr. Sears

Note: I typed the post below in response to a specific note by Dr. Sears.

I have afterwards become aware of Dr. Sears pages on circumcision:
I don't agree with everything that he says in his page, such as tolerating religious circumcision, or minimizing the risks (he doesn't mention the risk of death, that's a big one I think). However I find it valuable that he states that there are no medical reasons for circumcision and that care of the intact foreskin is minimal. As such I have to say that some of the words below were an over-reaction from me, but just some of the words he said triggered this reaction. I still stand behind my criticism of his response though, and behind the assertion that the medical community is not owning the damage that they have done.

 Dr. Sears, on "Circumcision Problems: Inverted Penis" gives such a poor advice with such deceiving words that he should be prohibited from ever speaking about circumcision.

"When that happens, your son's penis will protrude more, and the foreskin will retract naturally. The penis will look more and more like a normally circumcised one."

Penis are not normally circumcised. They are normally intact. In order to become circumcised they have to be subjected to a surgical amputation, which crushes tissue including veins, nerves, muscle, skin, mucosa and immune cells.

" Some doctors used to perform a partial circumcision -- that is, removing only part of the foreskin. I discourage this practice because the foreskin tends to grow back." ... " It's important that enough foreskin be removed so it doesn't grow back. In a typical circumcision, most doctors will remove about one-third of the foreskin to a depth just below the head of the penis."

Okay, first he says removing only part of the foreskin. Then he says that typically doctors will remove about 1/3 of the foreskin. What I believe that he meant to say but then backtracked to cover his sorry ass, is that a typical circumcision removes about 1/3 of the skin of the penis. Actually it may remove from 1/3 to 1/2 of the skin, imagine that!

And if you think that is good advice, please read this story of a woman who's child had too much skin removed. Pressure from Spouses: A Botched Circumcision Leads to Regret

Dr. Sears. I saw a comment in your article that I hope you bother to answer. Somebody asked you "Why did I have to suffer nerve damage and sexual dysfunction for life? Thanks to my circumcision, I have almost no external feeling in my penis. Thanks to an infection, the glans of my penis is almost completely insensate. (no feeling). I have a lifetime of bad sex, and frustration due to a "routine" circumcision. What medical horror did my circumcision prevent? How was ending up like this better for me?"

This person is a child that parents got circumcised many years ago. He is not alone in his suffering. There are many. Every days there are more and more guys that were damaged either physically or psychologically from a procedure that "If done properly, it is not painful, and certainly, the baby will have no memory of it" according to another one of the comments in your article.

Why is the medical community not answering to this? Are we just the uncomfortable mess that you guys are trying to sweep under the rug?


  1. What really surprised me about his comment was he completely failed to tell the mother that the inverted penis due to circumcision IS a complication of circumcision. In fact, it is so common a complication that it is not even reported on AS a complication.

    I've been reading reports that say that if things like this were reported as the complications that they are then complications from circumcision would occur in about 60% of routine circumcisions. Infection being #1.

    In fact there is an epidemic of not reporting complications. Even death from circumcision is reported for other reasons. Blood loss. Heart stopped. Violent reaction to medication. The list goes on. Yet the infant would not have died from those things if the circumcision had not taken place.

    It is an extraordinarily dangerous thing to subject a newborn to surgery. I firmly believe it is institutional child abuse for profit.

    For the record, I'm the man who asked Dr. Sears about my nerve damage.

    I believe the largest case of unreported complications come from men like me, who have had difficulty with sex due to their circumcision, but fail to blame their disfigurement. It remains under-reported because men are ashamed. We tend to blame ourselves for this failing of manhood.

    There are days my anger over this is blinding. There are times I hear a doctor like Sears casually recommending to have ALL of the foreskin removed, and I feel rage. I'd like to flay the skin off of his dick with minimal or no anesthetic and see how he honestly feels about it afterwards.

    He still hasn't answered my question.

    1. Thank you for bringing up this point regarding inverted penis being due to the circumcision. I noted this as well.

  2. Your question to him broke my heart James. Your story and so many other stories, that's just unforgivable. Completely unacceptable in this time and this place. The trauma that these charlatans have created is amazing.

    I hope that being vocal about this helps you, at least on a psychological level, to deal with the suffering. We have to keep speaking. We can't be ashamed and dismissed like collateral damage. We have to turn things around.

  3. More than helping me, I hope it leads to at least one parent to decide mutilation is wrong.

    It is unnecessary, and because it unnecessary, to not do it.

    The biggest thing I hope they take away from this, is that the real consequences cannot be predicted until the child is grown. It is the adult man who has to continue to live with this for the rest of his life, even if he is 100% against the practice.

    I have to live with this, and I cannot undo it.

    It is a forever choice. It goes FAR beyond how long it takes for a baby to heal.

    Thank-you for your blog on this subject. I hope a lot of people read this. They need to know.