Thursday, September 20, 2012

Torture room for a baby

"Mary Conant, a Registered Nurse, comments:

"One of the doctors cautioned us against saying, 'Poor baby'. That it was upsetting to the mothers if you brought a baby back to her after having been circumcised and were going 'poor baby...' You know- patting the baby, saying
'Poor baby...' which is a normal thing to do to a baby that's crying. If a baby has labwork done, you pick it up and say, 'Oh poor baby'. The baby has any other painful thing that happens, you pick it up and comfort the baby and say 'Poor baby...' or something like that. So, its okay to do that with anything else that hurts the baby, but you can't do it with a circumcised baby because that will make the mother feel guilty and upset her. So, I don't know what you're supposed to say- 'You're a man now'? 'This is for your own good'? 'You're cleaner now'?""

The circumstraint

In less than 30 seconds, a nurse can immobilize the struggling infant securely in the correct position with Circumstraint. The immobilizer works on a proven principle of positive 4-point restraint. Soft wide Velcro® brand fastener straps encircle the infant's elbows and knees, depriving him/her of leverage. The child is held safely and securely without danger of escape. Circumstraint's comfortable contoured shape positions the infant, hips elevated, perfectly presenting the genitalia. The platform between the infant's legs provides support for a circumcision clamp.  

The Circumstraint permits a nurse to quickly immobilize an infant in the proper position, speeding procedures and saving valuable time for doctors. Exceptionally durable, Circumstraint gives long service, even with the heaviest use. Proven over many years, Circumstraint has become the infant immobilization standard for modern nurseries.

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