Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Highlights from a typical circumcision consent form


I understand that other qualified practitioners, including residents (doctors who have finished medical school and are getting more training [AKA inexpert people]) may be chosen to do or help with procedures

I understand my diagnosis/condition to be: UNCIRCUMCISED NEWBORN MALE [Since when being an uncircumcised newborn male is a diagnosis? I would be surprised to see a newborn male being born circumcised - which is actually a birth defect called 'aposthia']

I know that results cannot be guaranteed.

I understand that there are risks for all kinds of surgery. This risk, which can be serious, include bleeding, infection, and damage to nearby tissues, vessels, nerves, or organs. They may result in paralysis, cardiac arrest, brain damage, and/or death. Other risks for this procedure may include: BLEEDING, INFECTION, POSSIBLE DEFORMITY, OR NEED FOR FURTHER SURGERY.

I understand the alternatives to the proposed procedure to be: NOT CIRCUMCISE. I UNDERSTAND THE RISKS RELATED TO THE ALTERNATIVE [which they don't list because it's quite obvious that there aren't risks to leave a non-existent condition untreated]

I understand that any tissues or parts removed during my [?? you mean "my son's" ] procedure may be disposed of by the hospital or used for any lawful purpose including education and research. [and selling to manufacturing companies! not listed but very real]

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