Friday, November 9, 2012

Circumcision in Texas 2011: "Just cut it off, and I can be a girl"

The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks. Yet, a 4 year old child now asks to have his penis just cut off so he can be a girl, after a botched circumcision in 2011.

Careful reading of the AAP's Technical Report reveals that "Financial costs of care, emotional tolls, or the need for future corrective surgery (with the attendant anesthetic risks, family stress, and expense) are unknown."
Please read more about this awful case:
And while it is true that every surgery has risks, circumcision of infants and toddlers is normally not done to treat a condition or disease. So when you have a healthy patient, this kind of damage is unacceptable.
The most common risks of circumcision according to most circumcising institutions are "bleeding and infection", and "bleeding can normally be controlled with some pressure". We've all read those lines a thousand times. In this case, the problem started with bleeding that could not be controlled, and turned into a surgeon cauterizing the area of the penis to the point where she created damage to the urethra, including fistulas. When the child urinates, there are now two streams of urine. The child underwent reconstructive surgery, but he will need more surgeries in the future.
American Academy of Pediatricians, this is what you are promoting. Retract your Statement Policy on Circumcision. Come clean for once. Do tell the country that the damage and risks of circumcision far outweigh any circumstantial benefit. Do tell that it is time to finish the cultural custom of altering the genitals of baby boys. Join us in the XXI Century please.

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