Saturday, November 17, 2012

Former White House Doctor Connie Mariano promotes newborn circumcision

In a website called EmpowerHER, former White House Doctor Connie Mariano promotes newborn circumcision for the potential health benefits later in life. See

My comment on her article:

"in my opinion and the CDC's, a little snip is well worth the risk"
Well Dr. Connie, what if it was a little snip of your female body? What other parts of the body are we willing to forgo in the name of some potential medical benefits? What if we are men who don't sleep around with every STD-infected female out there? Should we still get cut?
Do you know the functions of the foreskin? Have you studied its anatomy?
It's not a little snip. It's 30% to 50% of the skin of the penis, which includes muscle tissue, special nerve endings called Meissner's corpuscles, immune cells, blood vessels... It permanently changes the perception and function of sex, by a) Removing the gliding function of the skin; b) Removing most of the nerve endings of the male organ; c) Exposing the glans to keratinization and drying, which makes it dull and cracked in the long term. The reason why most men "turned out okay" is because they don't even know that their perception of sex has been altered and their sexual practices are the result of the body compensating for the absence of the foreskin.
In fact, the common punch line in movies about hand lotions and lubricants is the result of not having the gliding function of the skin and not having the internal lubrication of the glans, so it has to be compensated by a commercial product. And of course, the early cases of ED and the soaring sales of ED medication can also be traced to the amputation of the foreskin.
Furthermore, there are babies who die as a result of the procedure (loss of blood, sepsis and other complications) and there are men who suffer permanent damage (damage to the nerves, lack of enough skin for comfortable arousal, hair on the surface of the shaft, urethral issues, skin adhesions on the glans, partial amputations of the glans) which can definitively have an impact on their sexual life, well being and self esteem.
So please re-think that "small snip". An adult foreskin is about 2 inches long (approximately 3.5 if you include the inner mucosa, since the foreskin is a surface that folds over itself), and close to 4 or 5 inches in perimeter. So this is close to 3x5 square inches of erogenous tissue.
Do you have that much erogenous tissue that you would be willing to give up for some potential benefits? If not, then why should men do it?
Why don't we Empower HIM to retain control of his sexuality and his body.

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