Thursday, November 15, 2012

The decision to circumcise: functions of the foreskin

“The function of the foreskin is often missing from the debate over its fate. What is it there for? It’s there for pleasure and protection. Pleasure? The structures of the inner foreskin are all erogenous. Protection? Along with the glans, the inner foreskin is only exposed during excitement.
So what does circumcision do? It removes varying amounts of inner foreskin leaving what’s left exposed becoming desensitized over time. The glans dries out and develops a toughened surface. Circumcision also removes the mobility of the skin system of the penis making the skin taught and immobile during excitement. So why?
Non-religious infant circumcision in the USA started during the prudish Victorian era to prevent masturbation. It may not have worked but circumcision does make masturbation more difficult. A normal intact male masturbates by rolling his foreskin back and forth over his glans like this:
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The foreskin is like a built-in masturbation sleeve. And the inner foreskin is all erogenous tissue so it feels fantastic as it rolls back and forth over the glans. Circumcised men are left with varying amounts of inner foreskin. It is that different colored skin running between the glans and the circumcision scar. But a circumcised man must rely on lube or friction for pleasure as the mobility is gone.
The rolling action of the foreskin aids with sexual intercourse. There is less friction and the rolling foreskin provides pleasure for both the man and his partner. Yes, women experienced with both report sex is better when a man has his foreskin. Penetration is easier as the glans is slippery and moist and foreskin unrolls as the penis penetrates.
Is it any wonder the anti-sex/anti-pleasure types were for circumcision?
So remember, the foreskin is much much more than just a piece of skin. It provides pleasure and protection often overlooked in the pros and the cons.
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