Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Men of God, circumcision

Dear Men of God,

You have incorrect information on this page: http://www.sacornerstone.org/menofgod/circumcision

Dr. Farhart called circumcision "something so deeply ingrained in our Judeo-Christian traditions". While it is true that it is ingrained in the Jewish tradition, circumcision is not part of the Christian tradition at all.

It is clear in the New Testament that the Apostles found that circumcision was no longer their covenant, and that is why Jesus is the New Covenant.

Some relevant quotes:

"Behold, I, Paul, tell you that if you be circumcised, Christ will be of no advantage to you." – Gal 5:2

"And even those who advocate circumcision don’t really keep the whole law. They only want you to be circumcised so they can brag about it and claim you as their disciples." – Gal 6:13

"For there are many who rebel against right teaching; they engage in useless talk and deceive people. This is especially true of those who insist on circumcision for salvation. They must be silenced. By their wrong teaching, they have already turned whole families away from the truth. Such teachers only want your money" – Titus 1:10-11

"Watch out for those wicked men – dangerous dogs, I call them – who say you must be circumcised. Beware of the evil doers. Beware of the mutilation. For it isn’t the cutting of our bodies that makes us children of God; it is worshiping him with our spirits." – Phil 3:2-3

"And I testify again to every male who receives circumcision, that he is in debt to keep the whole Law. You who do so have been severed from Christ...you have fallen from grace." - Gal 5:3

Circumcision started in the United States not as a religious practice, but as the result of the Victorian morality of sadist doctors such as J.H. Kellogg who thought that sexuality was the cause of diseases and proposed circumcision as a way to break the habit of self pollution, when done as punishment, without anesthesia, to children who had been found to be touching their genitals. This doctor also advocated for sewing close the foreskin with silver threads to prevent erections, rubbing female minors' genitalia with phenol and other irritants, and even removing the clitoris, all with the purpose of diminishing the sexual desires of young children. As you can see, this practice was the result of a depraved mind and not of a man of healthy and compassionate morals.

Please don't lie to Christians, don't sell them on a blood ritual that is not part of their religion.

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  1. Amen! You got it right. http://oregonintactivist.com/circumcision-and-the-bible