Friday, January 25, 2013

Just a thought

I was impressed one time that I read about violent acts that took place in my country, like guerrillas throwing acid on the face of a prisoner and letting him die, or cutting the penis of a live prisioner, or paramilitary scratching the flesh of a live prisoner with a tin can.

How do those guerrillas take a knife to a man's body and cut parts of it? I guess in their minds the guy is already dead, so they really don't care.

But then when I look at circumcisers, whether medical professionals, religious practicioners or traditional circumcisers, how do they raise the scalpel to a live baby's penis and cut a part of it? What cognitive dissonance has taken place to not realize that you are cutting part of a baby's penis, and that he will have to keep on living with this injury the rest of his life?

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