Friday, February 15, 2013

They really don't cut them nowadays...?

Two arguments are often heard about the Plastibell from naïve parents:

- They really don't cut them nowadays

- The plastic ring is to protect the area

This is how the Plastibell is installed, notice the initial dorsal slit (second frame) and the trimming of what they call "extra skin" (6th frame).

Comparative risks of the different methods used on babies, courtesy of Boys Deserve Better. The original table is part of a manual by the World Health Organization, available here:

Plastibell was invented in 1950.

"Dossier" of the Plastibell at circleaks: 

Plastibell, how safe it is?

The dangers of Plastibell (GRAPHIC!). Includes video of the installation procedure.

The Plastibell lie:

Plastibell on Wikipedia:

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  1. When will people understand that we don't oppose infant circumcision because we want to be on a high horse?

    "I think I'll go with the safe method. What is the worse that could happen?"

    The ring could migrate into his abdomen and kill him. Is that my high horse talking?