Monday, March 4, 2013

Benefits of circumcision?

On a Facebook page where someone asked about the benefits of circumcision, a man replied:

Let me tell you women about the „benefits“ circumcision has given me.

1) A nasty circumcision scar around the middle of my penile shaft!

2) A hardened, keratinized sand-paperish glans thanks to my lack of a foreskin that rubs the inside vaginal walls of my girlfriend raw ans causes her pain and vaginal soreness as well as microscopic tears.

3) A gradual decrease in penile sensitivity over the years.

4) Painful and uncomfortable sex with my girlfriend. I have to jackhammer her and I still can‘t please her or myself!

5) My male G-spot, the frenulum, has been cut away. Even more pleasure reduction.

6) When I am 40, I‘ll probably need Viagra to get and maintain an erection because circumcision causes erectile dysfunction. Oh it‘s pretty embarrassing if some 80 year old intact man in Europe can still enjoy sex naturally while I need to take blue pills because my culture thought it was a good idea to fuck with my penis!

So tell me about those „wonderful benefits“ of circumcision!. Because I am still waiting for them.

Shame on the people here who are anti-FGM, yet PROMOTE male circumcision, which is MUTILATION. The foreskin has 16+ functions ranging from penile protection to sexual enhancement for both the man and his partner. Amputating the foreskin removes these benefits and leaves NOTHING BEHIND.

Male circumcision has ZERO BENEFITS.
A woman responded:

My husband is circumcised, and it is only recently that I realized the issues we have is due to his circumcision. His glans are hard and sand papery, instead of soft and moist like they are supposed to be. He has to jackhammer to be able to finish, and afterwards I am sore and raw for days because of his dry and sand papery glans and because of the way he has to be rough in order to climax. Men suffer from their circumcisions and so do their partners.

Another woman commented: 

I recently clued my husband in on our sex issues. He has been taking ED drugs since he was 27 which actually make it worse for me. And I have to use a toy every single time, along with massive amounts of lube. There are no long strokes. It's all 'jack rabbit'. 
Hopefully the American Academy of Pediatrics won't take long to realize that adult men are being hurt by what parents are doing to babies, far from what they state when they say that "the benefits outweigh the risks" on their new Policy Statement on Circumcision published on August 27th, 2012.


  1. Hi, 44 year old male now and have been circumcised shortly after birth so I do not know what sex or masturbation is like uncut, all I know is that my penis is sensitive to pain from streching the skin during what is normally dry intercourse. My frenulum is also removed. Circumcision - not good!