Friday, April 12, 2013

Should it be HIS CHOICE?

If you were circumcised at birth, you didn't have a voice in the matter (well you did, you cried, but nobody listened that day). Maybe you don't like to think about it (after all, what can you do? *) or perhaps you have learned that there are some benefits to justify the procedure. But did anyone tell you about the benefits of having a foreskin? Did anyone tell you about its functions? Did they tell you any disadvantages of being circumcised?

As an adult you can do anything that you want to your body. You can tattoo it, you can pierce it, you can have plastic surgery, or you can keep it as it is. The one thing you can't do is have your foreskin back.

Shouldn't it have been your choice? Shouldn't it have been you, the owner of your penis, and not your parents who decide what to do it with, what parts to keep and which parts to discard?

Well, you can stop the cycle. You can say NO to cultural genital cutting of babies. Give your sons the choice that you didn't have. Choose INTACT! They will thank you later when they learn what you protected them from.


* BTW, if that's what you wish, there is actually a non-medical procedure that you can do in the privacy of your home, at little or no cost at all, to partially reverse a circumcision. It's called non-surgical foreskin restoration. It takes a couple of years of effort, but it will restore the mechanical aspects of the foreskin (but it won't restore the nerve endings removed by circumcision). You can find plenty of information about it on the internet, including forums where other restoring men will tell you about their experiences and answer any questions that you may have. You can start at

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