Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Circumcision changes the mechanical function of the penis during sexual acts - A response to the AAP

From the American Academy of Pediatrics "Task Force on Circumcision"'s response to "Cultural Bias and Circumcision":

"... the authors cite 5 studies to support the claim that “the foreskin is a richly innervated structure that protects the glans and plays an important role in the mechanical function of the penis during sexual acts.” Of these 5 studies, 4 were histologic studies that were not designed to correlate anatomic findings with physiologic or functional roles.4–7 Members of the task force appreciate that the foreskin has nerve fibers: the task force clearly recommends adequate pain control for infants undergoing circumcision. However, the task force did not move beyond what these studies actually reveal (the foreskin has nerve bundles and pain fibers, the foreskin contains Meissner corpuscles, the inner surface of the foreskin resembles a mucous membrane) to speculate about the effect that circumcision might have on sexual function or pleasure. [ ... ] In sum, of the 5 studies, not one sought to evaluate whether the foreskin protects the glans or whether it “plays an important role in the mechanical function of the penis during sexual acts.”"

The only reason someone can write that with a straight face is if they have not seen a foreskin in their lives except to cut it off.

I don't get tired of repeating it. Willful blindness does not negate the existence of facts. If the members of the task force on circumcision can't find the "mechanical function" of the foreskin, it's not because there is no evidence, but because they willfully refuse to acknowledge it.

When you are writing an important guideline that will be used by thousands of physicians, you cannot be excused by ignorance. If there is a question without an answer, it is your mission to find that answer.

Perhaps they should have looked at some explicit videos such as this one, by a man who is in the process of restoring his foreskin, and clearly explains here the mechanical function of the foreskin and its role in sexuality. That simple thing that the AAP could not find in any study.

But of course, acknowledging something like this would also imply acknowledging the thousands of men, if not millions, who are upset about having been circumcised when they were too young to consent... or to defend themselves!

Foreskin restoration - Mechanical function of the foreskin - XTube Explicit Video

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