Monday, June 24, 2013

Why circumcision should be abhorred

Excellent article (prior to the AAP's statement of 2012). I want to call attention to a comment by Joseph4Gi:

Usually, research tries to find alternatives to surgery. Don’t doctors usually try to find a solution to cancer before it means a mastectomy? A prostatectomy? Don’t they run tests first to make sure that surgery is absolutely inevitable?

Researchers usually say “we have found the cause of x, and we’ve devised this pill, treatement etc., and now you don’t have to get this operation! Isn’t this great news?”

If a doctor told you this, would you be jumping for joy saying “yes! my son won’t have to be circumcised!”? Or would you take your child to a doctor that will circumcise your child for you and tell you the soothing words of all the “medical benefits” circumcision might have to justify what you want to do to your son? Pay attention to your answer. This will define whether you really are concerned for your child’s well-being, or merely your own.

It is peculiar that instead of searching for an alternative to surgery, “researchers” are busy trying to legitimize it, if not necessitate it.

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