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If Your Son Is Not Circumcised... Beware the Well-Baby Check

Imagine this. It's the middle of the night and your baby boy has croup -- you are worried. So you take him to your local emergency room. The ER doc comes in, removes the boy's diaper, and forcibly retracts your child's foreskin, leaving the child screaming in pain and bleeding. Within a couple hours, his penis and foreskin are swollen. And you don't have a clue what to do. This just happened to a couple right here in my home state. And there wasn't a thing the parents could do about it. I want you to know why this is occurring all over the U.S. today, so you can protect your son!

As ludicrous as this might seem for an ER doctor to do this for croup in the first place, pediatricians forcibly retract foreskins for intact (uncircumcised) boys during well-baby checks throughout the U.S. every day because the health care provider doesn't know any better. The injury to the baby is called premature, forcible, foreskin retraction (PFFR), and, ironically, the trauma often requires that the child be circumcised after all, in order for the damage to be repaired.

Circumcision has lost favor in the U.S. in recent years so much so that now roughly 1 million newborn boys are not circumcised (each year). [1] Simultaneously, the American medical professionals appear to have lost the folk knowledge of parents who, for tens of thousands of years, once left their child's foreskin entirely alone, to develop normally by itself, the way Europeans do.

Without this folk knowledge, they refer to the current medical texts or organizations to understand normal penile anatomy and development. Unfortunately, some of these texts and organizations propagate out-of-date or inaccurate information.

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Phimosis at 12, another medical fraud. This was shared by an intactivist friend:

Friends, please warn your Intact son that he will always be at risk if he sees the wrong doctor. Krista has shared her son's painful story with us, as follows... "I've never said all of this outloud Brother K...please proof it as typing through blinding tears is tough. I hope it helps someone... anyone... if even only one.

"In 1996 I gave birth to a gorgeous 8 pounds 12.5 oz perfect baby boy. Bald head, chubby cheeks, enormous chocolate tootsie pop brown eyes that sparkled, never not there, lop-sided drooly grin. He and I went against the grain. I loudly and proudly told everyone if I had a boy I would never have him cut. I even went against my husband at the time, his father. This was out of the norm around here... especially in my family. There were whispers behind my back, well intended but often times ill informed and unsolicited "advice". Our Dr. chastised my choice... I always pushed his buttons.

"Things went well and as my son grew we talked about anatomy, bodily functions at age appropriate times. Eventually those talks turned into how some mommies and daddies circumcised their sons, but how I thought he was so perfect that I wouldn't let them. I explained the procedure in ways he could understand and over the years as he grew, on several occasions he said to me "mommy Thank you for not cutting off my wiener" he matured he understood more and grasped that they didn't actually cut it off but a part of it.

"He was friendly, kind-hearted, very secure. soothsayer of sorts.

"When we went for his first sports physical... I left in tears... disgusted with myself, filled with a guilt that threatened to consume me. The Dr tried to retract his skin at 12 years old.... it wouldn't budge. An emergency surgery was scheduled. I was told since I hadn't cut him and had also not properly cared for his penis that his very next erection could and would most likely cause the skin to retract behind the glans (they used the term head) and because I failed to properly retract the foreskin it would stop the blood flow resulting in perhaps permanent damage to the head of his penis. There were no alternatives I was told this was dangerous.

"Now I was forced to explain to my son how I had messed up. So I took my son in for surgery watching the fear and anxiety that someone was going to cut on the most personal parts of his body.

"I told him I love him and he said he loved me as they wheeled him off to surgery but his very the last words prior to them making me let go of his hand were "but mom I thought you said I was perfect"

"He came through surgery fine.... the next two weeks were hell. I know / knew more about my sons 12 year old penis than most.

"He's 17 now, a football player... honor student.... still breathtakingly gorgeous. We've discussed what happened and how I was tricked, lied to and manipulated. I got copies of his them all over and over....the need for surgery was a lie... the phimosis he had was minimal and as I have come to understand over the years... nothing to worry about especially at 12..

"He knows all of this... I have his forgiveness... he knows how tragic and unnecessary his mutilation was.....

"He will however at times say things like "yeah because you made me have a surgery I didn't need". I guess time will tell how he deals with it. He knows about restoration... I will pay if he chooses.

"I want to add he had never ever had any sort of issues with being left whole and intact.

"Now I too live with the guilt and shame of having allowed something so horrific to be done to my child.

"Please think about my Tman before you take perfect parts of your perfect baby away. His body his choice." ~Krista.

And at 18, they will still try to get you with their lies:
Friends, we heard some heartbreaking stories at San Francisco Pride. This man's was possibly the saddest. He grew up in the Northeast, moved to California a few years ago, and found out that some American doctors will take any opportunity to circumcise a grown man. He trusted them and was devastated. It's not enough to teach your son that his penis is normal -- he will be at risk when he moves out and becomes independent, as follows... "Unfortunately, this man was still in shock about his circumcision at age 18 by a doctor who gave him misleading and inaccurate information. He had no problems but during a routine physical at Kaiser, Walnut Creek, (Schoen territory) the doctor said that he had to be circumcised. After the operation he said "it feels like my penis is dead" and "I can't even let my girlfriend touch it" (the head) because it is too irritating. Stories like his tear you up but remind you how important it is to be there and continue our work."
They told him his foreskin was non-retractable. He was an easy target for them unfortunately.

he was having NO problems. That's the sickness of the doctors.

He didn't seem to question them at the time, just accepted it but possibly just the normal naivete of a young man who didn't realize the war over the penis that is raging in America, and he fell victim to it.

My impression was that he's an extremely trusting person who fell into the wrong hands.   

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