Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The purification of Suhail Shahir Sarhan

Really disgusting. At 4:32 the circumcised baby is raised in arms for all family while the mom appears to cry. At 5:37 women point at the discarded foreskin and photograph it laughing. One kid shakes hands with the doctor. This is nothing but a blood sacrifice, a collective disease rotting the minds of generation after generation, a bloody prank on an innocent child.
To put it in perspective, if you held an adult in that way and forcefully removed a part of his body, you would be committing aggravated assault.
In the video, notice that there is no anesthesia. At most he is given some sugar water to suck prior to the procedure. Would you remove a part of anyone's body without anesthesia? Is the baby crying because he doesn't like restrained, or is he crying out of pure physical pain?
Circumcision (whether male or female) of minors is nothing but hazing in the person of those most vulnerable.
What can be impure in a baby? What is it so terrible about a normal part of the penis that it's removal would be called purification? Look at the awkward pointing at the lifeless foreskin. Nothing but contempt for normal humanity.

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  1. One member of this party knew what they were doing - the woman weeping, probably the mother, had the temerity to express her views.
    By any other name mutilation is mutilation. It is a 6,000+ yr old act of war.
    I believe it has lasted through the millennia via complex mixes of fear, greed, hatred and jealousy.
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