Friday, August 23, 2013

Is circumcision a valid parental choice?

Parents saying that circumcising their sons is their choice. It really isn't. It's been made your choice by a biased medical establishment pushing surgery for over 160 years. 

If a doctor came to tell you that it's your choice to cut your baby's earlobes, I assume you would be shocked. If circumcision was not common (as is the case of most of the world), and out of the blue a doctor came and told you it was your choice to cut part of the penis of your newborn, you would be shocked. It's only because the American medical establishment has been enabling this behavior for 160 years, that nobody even thinks about this as being strange.

The problem is, when we tell people that they have been fooled, they get angry not at the institution that fooled them, but at those who have the guts to let you know you were fooled. Just like the American government is making criminals out of whistleblowers who tell the crimes of the government.

Have you realized that American doctors push too much medicine? Overtreat? Pushes pain killers that make people addicted and cause a growing black market for pain drugs? Has birthing practices that cause excessive distress, emergency c-sections, need for extended NICU stays, and even brain injuries to babies? And yet you trust them when they tell you it's your choice to cut a piece of your child's sexual organ?

They have fooled you for 160 years. Open the blinders. They are selling you unnecessary surgery, and they are justifying it based on cultural, religious beliefs of personal preferences.

Cultural and religious beliefs are not an indication for surgery. They are not a medical symptom.

Personal preferences are not personal on someone else's body, not even your child.

Parents have a duty to be the guardians of their children. Not a right to shape them as they wish, as if they were bonsai trees.

You have been fooled.

I don't want to shove beliefs down your throat. I want you to examine your beliefs, where they come from, how they got there, and whether they are valid any longer or not.

I'm not trying to make you feel bad about past decisions. But if you learn something, if you change your mind about your beliefs, you may be a part of the change. You may help someone who is on the fence. You may teach something to your children. The question is, are you willing to examine your own beliefs? Are you willing to question the culture you grew up on?

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  1. In many states, parents can't consent to tattoo an underage child. But they can consent to permanently altering the child's genitals! This is nonsense.

    Of course, it is the "medical benefits" that are used to justify this violation of child's rights. That these benefits are so strong as to override all ethical considerations and child preference. The research on medical benefits is mixed which effectively means there are none.

    And even if there were benefits, how significant would they need to be to override a child's rights? This criteria certainly isn't met for male circumcision.