Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Circumcision news, September and October - In Summary

Sep 13. The Social Liberal Party, a left wing Danish political party, is seeking to outlaw ritual circumcision in Denmark.

Sept. 25. Swedish MPs propose circumcision ban. A motion to ban the circumcision of males younger than 18, unless for medical purposes, has been presented to the Swedish parliament.

Sept 28.Children's Ombudsman Calls for Circumcision Ban in Sweden. The Ombudsman for Children in Sweden called Saturday for the country to ban circumcision, a practice he said contravened the basic rights of boys.

Sept. 30. Nordic ombudspersons will seek a ban on non-therapeutic male circumcision. At a meeting today in Oslo, the children's ombudspersons from the five Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland), and the children's spokesperson from Greenland, in addition to representatives of associations of Nordic paediatricians and pediatric surgeons, have agreed to work with their respective national governments to achieve a ban on non-therapeutic circumcision of underage boys.

October 1st. The Parlamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has told its 47 member states (including the UK) that medically unnecessary circumcision is a violation of boys’ human rights.

October 10. Six national members of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology supports resolution by Nordic ombudsmen for children and resolution by Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to protect children's bodily integrity with regard to non-therapeutic genital surgery.

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