Friday, December 13, 2013

Jacob Sweet, a victim of circumcision and medical neglect, passed away September 16th, 2012

Jacob Cole Sweet was a known victim of a circumcision. Born in January 16 of 1986 in Anchorage, Alaska, and circumcised the next day, his parents brought him back to the hospital one week later with signs of infection. During his stay he suffered seizures. Negligence during his hospital stay allowed the infection to progress into a systemic infection or meningitis, resulting in brain damage. He could never walk or talk.

The family spent 13 years in a legal process, complicated by the disappearance of medical records and the expert testimonial of Wiswell (the author of the studies about circumcision and UTIs) who argued that circumcision is not a surgery. The case finally settled in 2000.

I was very sad today when I found that Jacob passed away in September 16 of 2012, at the age of 26 years. May he rest in peace.

His Obituary:

His case:

Three pictures of Jacob during his childhood:

What the AAP says:

The majority of severe or even catastrophic
injuries are so infrequent as
to be reported as case reports (and
were therefore excluded from this
literature review)

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