Wednesday, January 8, 2014

PACE please support children's right to physical integrity, reject pro-circumcision motion

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, please reject the "Freedom of religion and religious practices" motion for a resolution. This motion has no place in a civilized society that values individual rights. Please don't deny males of Europe the right to self-ownership and self-determination.

Circumcision of boys has many proven risks and complications. In the context of religious circumcision, we have the recent case of a boy in Pittsburgh who had his penis cut off by a mohel (who denies any wrong doing and to this day continues performing circumcisions), and the baby boys in New York city infected with herpes transmitted through the ritual of Metzitzah b'Peh (literally, oral suction) by the mohelin (which still continue circumcising boys and fighting any attempt to even require parental consent before the "oral suction"), and the baby boy who stopped breathing in Israel in June of 2013 just minutes after his circumcision without anesthesia - and died one week later.

To deny the risks of circumcision is a travesty and a disservice to humanity. All the eyes are on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, and the upcoming generations will thank you for standing on the right side of history.

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