Friday, March 14, 2014

Brian Morris, circumcision advocate's friends.

"The subject of circumcision is dark and deep. Some aspects are *so* dark and *so* deep -- so remote from the average person's experience and awareness -- that there is almost no way for the average person to become aware of them."
- John A. Erickson

Emeritus professor Brian Morris, molecular biologist, has recently been very active on facebook with his usual fight against intactivist and repetitive promotion of circumcision.

 I was curious to see his  friend list due some recent comments, and it was interesting to see the innuendo on several of his friends. While this doesn't necessarily reflect on Morris, it is important to see the kind of behavior that becomes enabled and encouraged by his pseudoscience.

Let's see some of those friends.

Carlos Andrade: his likes include circumcision fetish and circumcision advocacy. Carlos Andrade is known for an online article, re-published in several sites, "circuncision: la diferencia oculta"  (the hidden difference) which promotes circumcision and echoes many of Morris' claims. He claims: "Lo que hay que aclarar es que no hay una disminución del placer, sino un CAMBIO en cómo se siente, y un cambio que, la gran mayoría de los que se operan de adultos, percibe como positivo" (there is no pleasure reduction, but a CHANGE in the way it feels, a change that most of those who are operated as adults perceive as positive). Could it be that most of those adults were operated because they actually needed it due to some pathology Mr. Carlos?

The mushroom is an allusion to the mushroom head of the circumcised penis.

Cut Eurasian (obviously not a real name, but an allusion to his circumcision status "cut").

Cutnipp Bear - allusion to circumcision status ("cut"), nipples ("nipp") and sexual preference/lifestyle ("bear"). Member of several pro-circumcison groups and pages, including a group "circumcision scars are sexy".

Dave Ploughman. His profile picture represents two acorns, which allude the exposed (circumcised) glans. He responded a question saying that "Cosmetic/because of my own personal sexual preferences" is a good reason to circumcise a baby, anything wrong with that?

Glanz Out - obviously an allusion to the exposed glans. Member of pro circumcision groups and pages.

Pat Nybili, member of pro-circumcision groups and pages.

Robert Fordham. The helmet is also an allusion to circumcision status.

Vargas Lanoga (from his profile):

Do you have an ant eater or a helmet head
u dont need it u dont want it 4 skins make the girls want to vomit · Helmet head
Which of the following are good reasons to circumcise a baby boy?
Cosmetic/because of my own personal sexual preferences

Wants Tobecut (wants to be cut - wants to be circumcised). Again, the list of pages and groups speaks for itself.

So, are these individuals interested in circumcision from a health/public policy point of view? Or is it a psychological mark, a mystique, a fetish? Are they so marked by their circumcision status that they need to express it through their profile picture and their fake names?

And when they come to Morris as online friends, is their behavior encouraged and enabled by the emeritus professor who loves circumcision so much? Is he aware of what he attracts, or does he play into it?

Is it really about "evidence based medicine", or what is this strange mystique into medical ritual?

Body integrity identity disorder (BIID, also referred to as amputee identity disorder) is a psychological disorder wherein sufferers feel they would be happier living as an amputee. Could it be that individuals so strongly marked by the loss of their foreskins have actually developed a form of BIID to believe that everyone would be better without their foreskins?

Can you spot the fallacies and self referencing in the following comment by Brian Morris (from his second profile):

"The subject of circumcision is dark and deep. Some aspects are *so* dark and *so* deep -- so remote from the average person's experience and awareness -- that there is almost no way for the average person to become aware of them."
- John A. Erickson


  1. Thank you for airing this. Before his retirement at the end of 2012, his 63rd year, Morris seldom commented in social media. He has since become much more active. He seems unaware that Facebook page reveals much incriminating evidence for those more internet savvy than he is. Morris's lawyer has threatened to sue Google (the owner of all blogspot blogs) for defamation under Australian law. Google very quickly told her to remove the "offending" post. Angry intactivists say things to Morris in comment threads that they should not say. At the same time, Morris has repeatedly ignored a number of fair questions put to him about his associates and activities. Morris claims to believe that claims made in the peer reviewed medical literature cannot be challenged or disputed. Therefore, the alleged case in favour of RIC cannot be disputed, because it is based on citations to a growing body of articles in American journals. That this line of American research is flawed, is a possibility that Morris heatedly denies, because peer-review supposedly guarantees against error. I assure you all that this is NOT the way science works in practice. Science is an evolving conversation, not an intellectual tyrant.

  2. You are the only one who's got the serious problem here! You are the tyrant, and keep your fucking opinion to yourself. Who know's anything about those so called friends of his, and as you know they are all deleted accounts; what you wanted! You're are fucked up!!!