Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Male Genital Mutilation

Can someone explain to me why the World Health Organization and the United Nations are not calling this Male Genital Mutilation?


The site exposes many of the harms -including real mutilations and deaths- happening in South Africa and many other areas every year, and yet what is the reaction of tribal leaders and non-governmental organizations? Call to ban the site? Why not call to ban the practice?

See this page, calling to give up harmful practices. Do they call to give up ritual circumcisions? No.

See the key facts on Female Genital Mutilation. Other than the use of the word "female" and the invocation of some small benefits, everything applies to male circumcision practiced in Africa, including the risk of infection and severe bleeding.

Cultures that practice FGM also practice male circumcision.

In 2012, the International NGO Council on Violence against Children writes (see page 22):

Male circumcision: Very widespread practice, until recently largely neglected in mainstream debates on harmful practices.
•Serious invasion of physical integrity
•Can result in psychological and sexual health problems
•Issues of consent
•Right to freedom of religion
•Suggestions that may help to prevent transmission of HIV do not in themselves support the practice.

See also: Circumcision and Human Rights

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