Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Who will cut your baby's penis?

From the AAP Policy Statement on Circumcision:

"In general, untrained providers who perform circumcisions have
more complications than well-trained providers who perform the procedure"

From Banner Health's policy on "Medical Student, Resident, Physician Assistant Student Privileges"

Third Year Residents:
Direct Supervision of Year One residents performing Gomco circumcisions, pediatric and
adult lumbar punctures, non-stress test interpretation, amniotic fluid index and normal vaginal
deliveries (including completing the documentation of experience for the junior resident)

From Banner Health's page:

Our many services for newborns include:
  • ...
  • Circumcision services offered daily by our experienced pediatricians

Is it really informed consent, when parents are not told that their son's penis is going to be operated on by a First Year Resident?

Thanks to the Intactivist Community for providing us with this information.

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