Friday, April 4, 2014

Video responses to Brian Morris' article on Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Circumcision Rates in the U.S.: Rising or Declining

Brian Morris recently published a paper in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Journal claiming significant benefits to routine infant circumcision while dismissing the risks and complications to health. In his paper, he presents a twisted vision of human rights, saying that it is unethical not to circumcise healthy male children. Brian Morris also published a 6-minute video statement on the Mayo Clinic Proceedings Youtube page repeating his claims.

Brian Morris' field of specialty is in molecular biology - not urology or sexology - and his claims are not based upon original research. His claims fly in the face of what Europeans are concluding about forced infant circumcision: it impairs sexual function and violates human rights.

Now that Brian Morris' claims have been published by the Mayo Clinic and the mainstream American media, it's time for us to respond!

More responses coming soon!

Click here for part 2

Part 3

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