Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Doctors talk about Chase... What an embarrassment.

I watched the video clip regarding circumcision and Chase. Embarrassing.

The doctors wonder, should there be a cut off age? Yes, it should not be done before 18 years of age, the age of consent. Their facebook question was loaded. ("is 4 years old too old for circumcision?") He is not "too old" - he is too young to provide informed consent. This is an operation on a non-consenting patient.

Even in the best case regarding HIV or STDs, that's a decision that a person can take once he grows up, once he can evaluate the evidence, and once he can make decisions on his lifestyle, sexual preferences, risk behavior, etc. Even the most adamant promoters of circumcision cannot argue, for example, that circumcision reduces risk of HIV for men who have sex with men and/or men who have unprotected oral sex. It doesn't. So those are elements that a man can evaluate when making a personal decision over his own body.

The study being stopped in Africa actually harms the credibility of the study, because it is known that circumcised men had to stop having sex for 6 weeks following the procedure while men who were not circumcised didn't have that time, so they had more time to be exposed to the risk. And even at that, in those studies, the number of men lost to the study were 3 times more than the total number of sero-converted men, which means that if information about those men lost to the study was known, it could sway the study completely one way or another.

A four year old is not only going to touch himself, but he is also going to be attached to his former self-image, causing psychological harm.

The change in sensitivity is not a myth. The study by Sorrells et al 2007 shows that the removed tissue is highly sensitive, but not only that, the mechanics of the penis changes when there is no moving skin, so not only the sensitive parts are gone, it just doesn't work the same anymore.

What happens to the frenulum in a circumcision? Is it removed? Is it left untouched? Is it separated from the glans? There is no standard, but we know well enough that men who have their frenulum consider it one of the most pleasant parts of their penises. So what happens when a doctor removes the frenulum? Iatrogenic harm. Sexual harm. Why is it that no doctor speaks about the frenulum?

The way Dr. Rachel portrays the foreskin as an exogenous strange piece of skin is highly offensive to all the intact males in the world. It is sad that such a poorly worded opinion can be spoken out loud by someone who is said to be a medical professional.

Dr. Jennifer says that when parents are on the fence, do what the dad has. Does this means tattooing the baby like dad? Piercing the baby like dad? Cutting off the fingers that dad lost in an accident? Gluing beard and mustache on baby? Sincerely Dr. Jennifer, did you ever compare your boobs with mommy? Your vulva? Did you have your labia minora trimmed to match mommy's?

Give males respect! Give boys respect! Stop genital mutilation now!

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